Yea Community Garden

Yea Community Garden welcomes anyone who wants to be part of growing food and learning more about how to. Produce from the garden goes to volunteers, other food programs and projects in Yea (Yea Community Meal, The Community Food Table, Emergency Relief, etc) and anyone who passes and would like some.

Yea Community Garden is located out front of the Community House (15 the Semi Circle, Yea).

The garden hosts workshops, working bees, occasional excursions and speakers, and runs Film & Soup nights through Terms 2 & 3 at the Community House. Come on down!  

Come and enjoy a garden/food related film and have some yummy soup! This event happens 2-3 times a year. Usual cost is about $10 donation (or more if you can) for ingredients and room hire and towards garden projects. Keep your eye on our program for upcoming dates.    
Kids welcome! A chance to learn whilst doing. Come and get involved in the garden working bees– always fun, and another great way to learn gardening techniques more informally.   A lovely group of people working the Community Garden together to grow food for the community. If you would like to be notified of our working bees please follow our FaceBook page or contact the house. 
Run periodically. Refer to the current term program for more details. 
There are a number of other Food and Garden projects as part of Yea Community Garden and Yea Community House… Including school projects and wicking beds in front of the Yea Community House… get in contact and find out more, or better still, get involved!
 Ph: 5797-3070 or email:
Volunteers and students from Yea High School VCAL program collect food and garden scraps each week from businesses and residences in our wonderful cargo bike - the ‘Green Caterpillar’ - and put them through the hot compost and worm farm systems at the Community Garden to create wonderful compost for the Community Garden and local school gardens. Come and help with the collection - it's fun and you get to ride the cargo bike. Any businesses or local households who are interested in contributing their food scraps or any other materials—please contact Yea Community House (5797 3070).  
Huge thanks to the Hamer Sprout Fund who have loyally supported this project since it’s beginning in 2014. 
 YEA COMMUNITY FOOD TABLE  The Yea Community Food Table has been running for a few years with great response! The table is a free (or by donation/ swap) produce stand, in the foyer of the Yea Council Library/ Community House each Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (and most other days too). 
It is supported by local school gardens, Yea Food Crew volunteers and many local gardeners. People can pay as little or as much as they can afford, and are encouraged to bring in excesses from their own gardens to donate to the Table, and to think about planting a little extra to share. Bring excess produce to Yea Community House or MannaFest Cafe to donate - or call the House if you need help picking/ bringing donations in.
Volunteers Needed—if you can spare 1/2 hour in the morning or afternoon to set up or pack up we can open the table on more days—contact the House for more info.